Florida sunset

Florida sunset

Monday, March 22, 2010


Dunedin, St. Joseph Sound, Florida

22 March 2010 - 28 March 2010

28.0167° N, 82.8000° W

2010-03-22  01:28 AM EDT   Moonset
2010-03-22  05:48 AM EDT   1.60 feet  High Tide
2010-03-22  07:32 AM EDT   Sunrise
2010-03-22  10:30 AM EDT   1.22 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-22  11:57 AM EDT   Moonrise
2010-03-22  04:25 PM EDT   2.52 feet  High Tide
2010-03-22  07:43 PM EDT   Sunset
2010-03-23  12:26 AM EDT  -0.02 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-23  02:25 AM EDT   Moonset
2010-03-23  07:00 AM EDT   First Quarter
2010-03-23  07:27 AM EDT   1.54 feet  High Tide
2010-03-23  07:31 AM EDT   Sunrise
2010-03-23  11:45 AM EDT   1.41 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-23  12:58 PM EDT   Moonrise
2010-03-23  05:40 PM EDT   2.37 feet  High Tide
2010-03-23  07:44 PM EDT   Sunset
2010-03-24  01:55 AM EDT   0.00 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-24  03:18 AM EDT   Moonset
2010-03-24  07:30 AM EDT   Sunrise
2010-03-24  09:05 AM EDT   1.65 feet  High Tide
2010-03-24  01:35 PM EDT   1.43 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-24  02:04 PM EDT   Moonrise
2010-03-24  07:22 PM EDT   2.29 feet  High Tide
2010-03-24  07:44 PM EDT   Sunset
2010-03-25  03:17 AM EDT  -0.08 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-25  04:06 AM EDT   Moonset
2010-03-25  07:29 AM EDT   Sunrise
2010-03-25  10:06 AM EDT   1.85 feet  High Tide
2010-03-25  03:11 PM EDT   Moonrise
2010-03-25  03:13 PM EDT   1.19 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-25  07:45 PM EDT   Sunset
2010-03-25  08:58 PM EDT   2.36 feet  High Tide
2010-03-26  04:20 AM EDT  -0.18 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-26  04:50 AM EDT   Moonset
2010-03-26  07:28 AM EDT   Sunrise
2010-03-26  10:45 AM EDT   2.06 feet  High Tide
2010-03-26  04:19 PM EDT   Moonrise
2010-03-26  04:24 PM EDT   0.78 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-26  07:45 PM EDT   Sunset
2010-03-26  10:14 PM EDT   2.50 feet  High Tide
2010-03-27  05:10 AM EDT  -0.20 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-27  05:30 AM EDT   Moonset
2010-03-27  07:27 AM EDT   Sunrise
2010-03-27  11:18 AM EDT   2.26 feet  High Tide
2010-03-27  05:19 PM EDT   0.33 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-27  05:26 PM EDT   Moonrise
2010-03-27  07:46 PM EDT   Sunset
2010-03-27  11:15 PM EDT   2.62 feet  High Tide
2010-03-28  05:52 AM EDT  -0.14 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-28  06:08 AM EDT   Moonset
2010-03-28  07:26 AM EDT   Sunrise
2010-03-28  11:49 AM EDT   2.45 feet  High Tide
2010-03-28  06:07 PM EDT  -0.07 feet  Low Tide
2010-03-28  06:32 PM EDT   Moonrise
2010-03-28  07:46 PM EDT   Sunset

Wake up!

After a long winter nap the fishing is back.  I have fished two tournaments in the last two weeks.  One of these being saltwater and one being freshwater.  First the saltwater, we caught tons of trout with the biggest going 20 inches but could not hooked with the much needed red or snook to put us even close to the top of the board.  It took about 67 total inches of trout red and sheepshead to win win with not one snook caught.  This was a photo release tourney.  The tide for the day was a incoming which never got as high as I wanted.  Moving on to the freshwater tourney, we caught 2 keepers all day and the winners came in with about 12.5lbs.  The day was perfect the fishing was not and that's all I am going to say about that.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The new yak!

This will start the beginning of many post on the how to rigging of kayaks.  And yes the first day out was a good day with many BIG trout caught.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Speckled New Year

Get ready for trout season to open on the 1st here on the west coast south region I know I will. Saturday morning should be chilly so dress warm and bring some soup or something to warm for the inside out. Looking for potholes should be the key with a early morning low tide around the St. Josephs Sound area. These potholes will warm faster and therefore attract the fish. Live shrimp or pinners should get the job done. If arties is what you want to throw then get out the plastics and cover some ground. With any luck you will limit out(Not less than 15” or more than 20”
(statewide) except one fish over 20” per person and 4 per harvester per day South Region;
5 per harvester per day N.E. and N.W. Regions). Good luck and keep everyone posted on your catches.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Brown bag sheepshead recipe

The first step in all fish recipes is get out and catch some. After you are successful fillet the sheepshead, bone it and cut into 1 inch cubes. From there you want to use some sort of spicy mustard(I prefer http://www.zatarains.com/Products/Condiments-and-Sauces/Creole-Mustard.aspx). Whatever mustard you choose it may need to be thinned out a bit with some beer. Pour these contents into a mixing bowl. Then use a couple of cups of flour in another mixing bowl. All measurements depend on how much fish you have. The mustard should be to cover and you should have just enough flour to coat the fish. Now dredge the fish in the flour then in the mustard then back to the flour. Seasoning the flour is up to you. I like just salt and pepper but don't stop there(just remember a little at a time don't over season). From there drop the fish into preheated 350 degree oil and fry till floating or golden brown. When fish is done, double up some paper lunch bags to put the fish into. Now crack a beverage of your choice and pass the bags or bags around for everyone to enjoy.

Remember bad weather is a time for maintenance. Comming soon

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tomorrows menu

Be on the look out for some tasty sheepshead recipes.